And so it has come to pass....

The Archive is open.

You have ventured into a place of dark wonders and horrific nightmares, where strange batrachian creatures go about their dark maneuvers under a gibbous moon.

These are the streets that Lovecraft paved, wrought with other worldly creatures and those that choose to follow them often to their own demise.

Here the students of Miskatonic will find their way to power and knowledge or madness and self-destruction.

Welcome, then, to all who enter here, for the hour is late and the tide is high and the Old Ones who slumber will slumber no more and their presence will be felt throughout the world before the sun rises...


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sorry For The Abrupt Halt

Hope no one got injured in that full stop :)

There comes a point in some projects where you just have to say enough. The Archive Project was started out of a desire to preserve fan created components for various games. Then it narrowed to one.

And now it is none.

The past few weeks had really strained the project and those who were working on it. And remember: this project was done for FREE and for FUN. When those two things deteriorated the writing was on the wall.

Ok, with the bad news out of the way now it's time for some good news. We have decided to create our own Lovecraft based game that draws directly from his work and address the issues that most players have had with the games available on the market.

The game will address the theme, story driven and narrative issues. It will take place in a real world context as re-imagined by Lovecraft, so the familiar will be there but also the real world will be incorporated in ways as yet unseen in the current crop of games.

That's all for now.

We will be developing this project throughout the rest of the year and then a Kickstarter program will commence as soon as we feel confident that we have it 'camera-ready' as the pressmen would say.

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